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Color Palette for Fashion Spring/Fall 2018


“The Cerulean Blue” famed by Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada graces the colour palette  for the spring/monsoon 2018. Now this is one colour that undoubtedly makes you feel unruffled. Know the blues and create a drama with the azure and cobalt hues of the blue with a hint of bling bling if it were for a starry night. Bid adieu to the black and dark shades of red and green. Bring on some happiness and joy with pantone colour palette in your wardrobes. If the street shopping does not do the magic, time to get some bourgeois chic made at the house of couture with frills, thrills, and colours oh so pleasant. Take a peek into the essence of these colours and have them a must for the spring/fall fashion 2018.


Lavender pantone 2018

Lavender is only for the petite is such a myth. Lavender is for everyone, for every skin tone, and body type. If unsure what colour to choose for this fashion spring/fall 2018, choose from the blues and lavenders. You won’t go wrong if you add some fringes, frills, and create a textured drama with the dress you wear. Chiffon, and sheer fabric get all the check marks for this season. Lavender ushers the dulcet tone and sets the mood for the spring/fall.

Violets and Purples

ultra pantone fashion 2018

Violets and purples bring out the aesthetics even in the ensemble with no patterns or prints. That is what the ultra violet pantone and purple does for your clothes. Splash these colors on to your clothes this season on any occasion. Make a dull meeting interesting with this choice of clothing that suits all body types and contour. Do the ‘Little Purple Dress‘ and give the Coco Chanel’s evergreen classic one-piece a hue-r twist. This is the color that stays in vogue until summer arrives. Till then bask in the sovereignty of purple and the violet haze in your wardrobe.

Teal, Lime, Green, and the Military Green

Green is the androgynous tinge and hue for the demure and the badass. Usher the tough-cookie with the military green and go mellow with the teal and green. Choose softer fabrics and lesser patterns if green is what you pick for the day. Frills and thrills on the green and its sibs are the drama queen such as the lacy doily- oh, oh, no one needs them. Stick to geometric abstracts when green is in the town for the day. Avoid choosing it for a formal meeting, even if it is an informal confluence. Green is the chic casual for any skin tone as long as you know what patterns to choose. Lime green says you are open and experimental…so why no add it to the color palette of your spring/fall 2018 wardrobe.

Pick colors in these tones, tints, and hues, and say goodbye to the bright reds, orange, and pink for a while. Too obsessed with pink? Do a lavender-pink instead and forget the rose pink, its too passe. Throw in some metallics, bling, sequence, and get splashy on the bland color palette if you like to see beyond the violets and purples. They are sure, not a miss, and a must have in your wardrobe!






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