90s Style Thats Making A ComeBack


90’s are dear to the millennial; 90’s is nostalgia . Talk of the template of the television shows, hairstyle trends from Jennifer Aniston’s Friends, mom’s denims and jackets, boho chic from the Woodstock era, macerena song and Britney Spears, brown shade lipsticks, slam books from the High School, love for music videos from the MTV, clickety-pens, Super Mario, and the list is never ending.

Talking of fashion and trends from the 90’s, they are so evergreen they have made a hearty comeback on the shelves of the bourgeois couture. Do you still want to tie the sweaters around the waist like we did in the 90’s? You will only end up looking like a trendy queen who has picked the right stuff for the casual chic.

Denim everything


Do you still have those denim dresses from the 90’s on the rack? You can buy them now and get all denim inside the wardrobe flaunting nostalgia of 90’s and the obsession with denims. Midis, cut-outs, fringes, off-shoulder, and you name the style, and have it done in denim. Sneak in the sneakers in white or metallic with the denims to be reminiscent of the days of Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club did to your outlook about teen life and wardrobe.

What more, get a wall hanging done in denims with punk safety pins and colorful badges and relive the era of grunge and pop when you wore those high-waist denims with tucked in tees with cute prints and cuffed the sleeves. You can still bring back that style with round shades and bright red lip shade. Hey, hey hey, where are those Doc Martins?

Printed bell bottoms

Yep, they are back!! You don’t worry about the waistlines and vintage body-cons to look chic. Try the two-piece matching printed bell bottoms and top. Choose any print or texture and match the top with the bell bottom. This is so boho-90’s and talks of a happy free-spirit in colorful prints all ready to go on a casual and summery meet-ups.

Crop tops and fedora hats


Forget you are an adult for a while and garb on the crop tops with stripes and other retro motifs, a bright scarlet lips stain, mommy jeans, and fedora hats for this summer and spring. This is happiness beaming all over you garbing in the 90’s chic without splurging or running behind labels. Really, who needs that now, with the usher of all things millennial. Go back to the spirit of Ratasfari, what Bob Marley left to the world, and celebrate joy and peace under the skin of 90’s fashion.

Round shades and the matching-matching theme


Round shades for the girl-next-door-non-fussy-just-wants-to-have-fun is what they are telling you. It is the nature of the round shades that you were, they tell you and everyone else that you are chill and no fuss. Breath into the moment of the style these accessories bring to you and match every thing you wear, including those scrunchies, from the attic of the lost and found fashion. Yes, t-h-o-s-e scrunchies, which you squeamishly put away for decades, and would only cringe on the sight of it, yes, exactly-those-scrunchies, are chic now. Viola! You never know what comes by and goes by!

Suits in men’s style


Dress yourself in the male style and show those curves, and look the part that is out to break the glass ceiling and make a difference. For sometime, this style is going to around the corner. So, do yourself a favor, wear them male pants and suits in stripes and motifs, and clickety-clikcety- a pic for selfie and Instagram. These are the fond memories you make with this style that won’t last for long. But might not even pass away with a blink of an eye. So, say Ah-oy! and get one men’s style suit for yourself.

ahh,, so, are we, done here? I don’t think so!! Bask in the 90’s fashion, and let me sip some coffee!!





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