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How To Rock It in Retro and Vintage Clothing At Every Age

Peter Pan collars, polka dots, floral prints, light weighted fabrics, and all the hues of disco, is what enlivens the retro and vintage style, individually. Letting you take a peek into the the era between 60’s and 90’s. Retro and vintage looks great on people of any age not letting you flaw or stumble upon the faux pas of style. Add colors, loud prints, and some more colors, and you know, you are letting people know that you are having a retro and vintage themed mood swing. Oh, and did you forget those large bows and corsages? They make up for the retro trip that you are onto for a the day.

Prints and colors, color me loud, and color me subtle!

If you ever thought Punjabi weddings were loud, try retro themed clothing. They bring all the joie de verve in clothing style and mood. Are you in your 50’s? and worried what to wear yet? Try the retro prints and shake a leg on the disco nights, singing karaokes. Look how the geometry meets abstract on the print of your clothes. How floral take a delight with a solid background and sits in their with an air of non-nonchalance. Leaves no elbow room for the miss-goody-two-shoes. Who wants to have fun all the way today?? Me, ahoy! in the retro prints.

Talking of vintage, we need to talk in subtle tones and prissy textures. Dainty, aren’t we? Feeling Victorian in the digital age, and still rocking it, vintage! Try not to look like the lacy doily, though, really. Bring on some velvet fabrics in mauve and add a dash of finesse with vintage laces, and cuts on the sleeves. Or use a fabric that seems like a parchment or a manuscript from the bygone era with a story to tell. I can tell you what lies in that magic spell of style that screams, VINTAGE, but, oh, so subtly.

When retro makes the noise, vintage shows a lot of poise. You can’t mix them two, else that is the style you’ll rue.

Have no regrets, and have fun rocking these prints when you are all in the mood to set it and run, with arms wide open, welcoming all and sundry, with your freewheeling you, you go girl!

Patterns and Textures, Don’t go wrong with this!!

You do not want the fashion police after you, do you? Choose textures and patterns that blend with the contour of your body. Big prints for the petite, and asymmetrical prints for the women who loves her food. Don’t go wrong with these basic rules even if you are choosing a retro or a vintage style. Talking of vintage, bring on those flare skirts, artistic prints and textures, and all things very feminine. There is more floral to vintage than there is to retro. So, know your prints and don’t swap one with another and look like an shocking medley. 

It’s all about the dress, I tell ya!

Your dress code for the retro and vintage so far has been the typical one piece, may be with a flare and some old-school cuts on the shoulder and sleeves. Would you love to walk into a room full of freshness with that wiggle dress that has an off-shoulder? Or maybe the swing or the wrap dress with or without sleeves. Feels like the lyrics of U2 band that has the song, with or without you.

You can sing these lyrics to your sleeves when you are onto the vintage or the retro dress selecting ceremony. Leave the jumper or the pencil dress, unless you are onto a slutty night, just say no these patterns and dressing styles for the retro or the vintage. A jumpsuit will still do, if you do not have to go pee, pee, and have fun for long hours. Style is good but then comfort comes in not wanting to ruin the style. So pick from these dresses, stay stylish and comfortable, in your own skin.

Shoes, forget the wedges, like seriously!

Strappy and buckled oxfords anyone? Maybe with some corsages to decor them with. Yes, try these on if you are 50 or 20 or any age at all and going into the vintage zone. You can never really get bored of polka dots. Use them on shoes if your dress is in solid color. Don’t match them both and look lost in the jungle of polka dots. If you are up to a dainty look for your feet, try the vintage shoes that come with bows and elegant motifs. One word, Splurge! one of the stunning fashion brands create vintage style like no other. 






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