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Nail Art For Assorted Nail Length

Pamper your nails with a manicure and give them the dance of colours and motifs. Invigorate your nails no matter the length with nail art that comes in humongous motifs, colours, and embellishments. Do not shy away if you have nails of medium length. There is nail art for lengths of all types of nails. Show off your mood and personality with the nail art and scream your personalised style to the world.

The only mantra with the nail art is -Flaunt, Flaunt, and Flaunt!!!

Set the meters of style and glamour rising after the nail art ceremony. Solid funky colours are so passe, you could do an everyday routine with them painting them bright and funky. Go beyond the solid and funky colours, beyond the sheen of the  gloss and metallic, and say Ahoy! to the motifs, textures, and embellishments that accompany nail art. Set sail the sojourn of colours, textures, and motifs that run in your imagination and unleash your creativity with a dash of oomph and dazzle the world with your taste and style.

State of Art Nail Textures For Long Nails

Want the psychedelic, bohemian, or the uniform symmetrical prints from the land of chequered-hood? Say la-di-la to those high-fashionable tea parties or a tete-ta-tete for the afternoon soiree. But before that, visit the nail saloon, choose a nice print that blends with your outfit and the occasion and do the due. Yes, diva, go get it! and not-so-quick, but at your own pace, sipping some cocktail, and enjoying the work of the artisan. Choose the print depending on the occasion and the mood. If you are feeling feminine and willowy, choose fine floral motifs with some gold lining, yes, the gold lining even if you are the uber-diva used to seeing the silver lining in everything.

Artisans at work for medium length nails

For those who think you cannot work on nails of medium length, look at the collage and see how stunning you can make your medium length nails look. Medium length speaks of people involved in practical work. They wouldn’t spend a lot of their time at the nail spas, but then, this is your chance! look what you can create on the palette of your nails and dress your nails with absolute gorgeous motifs. Long nails are impractical for most of the people. So, be the belle with a lot of panache with these artisan designs and nail art. Who said the workforce cannot ring the beat of glamour?

Sculpt Those Short Nail With Fine Art

When nails get even shorter, you pretty much have less or no time to even paint them in solid colours. But, here is the deal. You can work fine textures from the master artisans at the nail saloon. Add a dash of colours, textures, embellishments, and keep it-ugh-ugh-not subtle-but-loud. Yes!! you got that right! let the texture roar and create a traffic jam with hues and textures on those clipped nails. For obvious reasons you cannot have stiletto nail style for this  length. No a time to say alas! but celebrate! The shorter you go, the better options there are for artworks on the canvas of your pruned nails.

Every motif is nail-worthy, so nail it right to the button and choose the motif as per your outfit and forget the feature of contour and leave it on your shelf. Step out in the sun, its going to get rainy on your nails with hues and textures! You sassy girl, you!!

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