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Dadaism Got Mainstream And There Comes Wearable Avant Garde!

Anti-establishment in art is an element for the evolved mind which has played by the rules long enough to create beauty. When beauty was done and experimented with, there comes the avant-garde, that questions the standards only to create new wave of innovation, not to offend, well, not always, but to show the other side that nobody has thought yet. Are you in the veil of clothing that sets standards set by others? Do you want to break-free and start your own cosmos of individuality? Avant-garde clothing is waiting to dress you, make you stand out, and not in a laughable way, but only to admire your guts and gumption to dare to do what your mind and heart feels to express, but with a gumption; an offbeat gumption nobody has thought about.

You might not hang a Salvador Dali in your living room, unless you are an established artist who venerates art forms and dwells in them vicariously. Would that piece go in the commercial arts section for buyers? I don’t think so, well not in the regular art section at least. You have an art form, a literary device to express your individuality without a twitch of doubt or shame with the dadaist avant-garde fashion. Random cuts? we have done that, and now its a norm. Well, talking about avant-garde, does Vi-vane West-wood ring a bell? There are celebrated designers and artists you would be proud to show-off their work in your space and abode.

Too Individualistic are we? Parade in the avant-garde

This goes beyond mix and match with an offbeat sense of color, texture, and pattern. Did your mind intuitively connect these elements and create a Viola!! Yes, now we are talking, like no other conversation we have ever had! The talking is happening in the brand new arena of the new wave fashion. And, ..your arrival was much awaited!!

Futuristic or comfort is the question

Its your taste before comfort or comfort before taste. This is again an individual choice. Would you just want to break the norms and wear it everyday?!! Too sexy? Nada…avant-garde lacks sex appeal. Its not for the minds looking for glamour and sensuality, because it has risen above all of that. It now says, blend textures, patterns, and create a portmanteau like never before.

Something for the party?

Get heads turned. Maybe not everybody is going to admire you but you sure are going have the shock value wearing in panache and style. Delight in pink, or unusual combination of colors that blend. Amuse the onlookers and get more attention and applause for wearing your mind in the avant-garde outfit. Blend suede with Georgette and the create an androgynous mix of free flowing fabrics with the masculine weaves…And this is just the beginning.

Everyday is offbeat

Is this going to be the staple diet of your clothing? Give it an edge with an artistic twist and you wouldn’t ever go wrong!! Loud! and Artistic! are the jargon words when you usher the avant-garde into your wardrobe. It sits there pretty among all regular and random, making noise that sounds like a rythmn as it adds rhythm to your complete individuality.


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