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Cruelty Free Faux Leather, Hot Pink, Neon Trends 2020

I used patent/faux leather for my fashion show in 2007 and feel in love with it because it is cruelty free. I have never been a fan of working with real leather because I love animals. I made asymmetrical cuts for my fashion show, ‘Paradox of the Radical.’ and it was already avant-garde when fashion was still at its initial stage to digest avant-garde. Too futuristic, am I?

I designed these in patent leather in 2007 and now am so happy to see that it is quite the trend. So, bring on some cuts, patterns, and hues. I already did the disco collar and the rock chic style in 2007. Now lets explore the latest cuts.

Pics from my fashion show ‘Paradox of the Radical’ in 2007. Only these pics below are my designs, rest of the pics in this post are only references.

Faux leather trends 2020

For places where there are chills and lighter rays of sun, faux leather outfits do the magic. With subtle sheen and cuts like a regular that goes in the wardrobe, you have a humongous variety to choose from. Patterns, motifs, cuts, detailing, you have it all in the un-embellished yet uber stylish faux leather. No more hue and cry of animals as you parade in style.

Hot Pink Everything

One trusty-sidekick of fashion people of all ages, you got it, and said it ALOUD! in hot pink! Didn’t ya! Skirt it up, or layer it with a jacket, and walk the talk in stilettos or Uggs. Couldn’t find those oxfords or loafers in pink? Walk tall with that bright smile in heels of any size, wedges wouldn’t hurt either. Clutches, wouldn’t say a tote in hot pink would do the trick, so keep it subtle or go all out there. And you thought only women, could pull it off? There’s more to hot pink than women alone, men could suit up or do a semi-casual in the 50 shades of pink, because macho is so passe, bring the sweetness in!

In Neon Fluorescence And In Street Style

Yeah, yeah, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking Prada in street style. When Neon-greens or the oranges brightened your day times two, you forgot how life gave you the yellow lemons and did you just make the peach lemonade, or is there more? Bold, weren’t you, to parade in neon, to your work. Did that business meeting go well, it did, didn’t it. Who said business attire was about being sombre, not anymore! So brighten up them areas in your life, where everything was sitting pretty in suave! Give it a dash of neon for a while now!!

Are You Puffed Up Yet?

Yes, well, back is the rack with puffed sleeves, the louder, the better. Subtle is in a laid back mood, because it no more about a cause. It’s all about wearable outlandish, that was only on the racks of the theater. Wear some drama on your sleeves, will ya? Puffed up sleeves on outfits of any length. They do sit well on the formal and semi-formal clothing too. Don’t they?

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