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Fauvist Inspired Chic Fashion And Art Décor

At the turn of the 20th century, a few French artists added more colors and finer painting techniques creating the Fauvism art movement. It’s not the same as psychedelic art because the strokes do not create an illusion. When you blend abstract, cubism, and other art styles, it’s an art deco, texture, or clothing in the most stunning and vibrant hues.

Fauvist-inspired art decor and clothing blends with solids, pastels, and humongous art styles and color palettes. I personally think Fauvism is a versatile art movement that adapts well with the past, present, and futuristic style elements.

Does Vincent Van Gogh Disturb Your Complacency For Bland?

When pastels have been ruling the color palette of the subtle and minimalism, does a part of your wardrobe dance in the intense hues bright and vibrant celebrating moments in Joie de verve? But fauvist clothing or decor isn’t about a dash of vibrant colors. It’s how you balance the brights and the not-so-brights and let them find their way in motifs, textures, patterns, and art per se.

Have you been complacent with the choice of your colors and haven’t sent an invitation to the fauvist notion in your dull soirees? If you understand the soul of this beauteous art movement, nothing is too bright finding a way in between pastels, chiaroscuros, and monochromes, why not? With the tagline “Be-gone pastels, iridescence has arrived!”

Van Gogh pioneered the art movement before Henry Matisse took it forward along with his contemporaries who understood the essence of art lies beyond the filigree of renaissance, baroque, and rococo.

That’s because the bourgeois has been falling in love with a motley of art movements brushing off their nuances, like an afterthought-making fauvism fit in any itty-bitty of art, decor, and fashion like a fiddle. How often have you been the matchmaker of solids and the vibrant and brought the harmonious encounters together in decor and style?

Did it occur to you that a dash of fauvist art and decor sits pretty in any corner of the room or a part of your dress in any style? It’s the trusty sidekick that could save you a zillion times from making a fashion faux pas when you were unsure if the colors sat joyously in the class of visuals and style.

Early Fauvist Work Of Artists

This section might not interest everyone but if you give it a glance, it gives you insights into how to read art and draw inspiration to create visually-stunning masterpieces or anything that makes you happy. Gustave Moreau, the French fauvist artist created the most stunning artworks blending renaissance, symbolism, and fauvist art. He sparingly use gold and metallic colors in the motley of renaissance and fauvist artworks that told stories of epics and mythology.

Andre Derain dallied more with blends of art genres to create vivid naturalist landscapes and still art. Matiees’ use of colors was subtler.

Fauvist Movements That Overthrew Dull

As Renaissance art inspired different art movements. Baroque, rococo, took a back seat and gave a way to a new emerging art movement, that unlike surrealism has not ceased in it’s spirit. Fauvism, the use of vivid colors in avant garde art form makes clothes, art per se spirited. From the insipid impressionist and cubist art form evolved this movement marching in hues so beautiful, they have brought delight in various art forms never ceasing its spirit. They overthrew the dull with colors magnifique.

Fauvism In Everyday Clothing

Losing the finesse of baroque and the delicate hues of rococo, debouched fauvist movement in flamboyance, and not the run-of-the-mill garden variety. Clothes carefully crafted in fauvist inspired lineaments and the right blend of fabric, patterns, and hues make you want to sail through the pictorial poetic life. With a dash of colors like a collage or a kaleidoscope of vivid hues, you could overdo and redo if you please. There is no place for kitsch when you make fauvism inspired clothing. Would you ever make a fashion faux paus? I don’t think so!

Fauvist Art Décor Interior

When minimalism keeps your taste grounded, fauvist décor does the opposite and instills opulence and colors of joy. With abstracts and collage of colors swaying in chic artsy décor creating a colorful realm, an aura that instills exuberance, zeal, and spunk to any room décor. You thought the kitchen wouldn’t do with the fauvist décor? Why not as long as you choose the right color palette, motifs, patterns, layout, fauvist blends in every room, indoor and outdoor as long as it is not overdone.

When Fauvism Retouched Renaissance Art

Michelangelo dressed in abstract hues of undefined lines that push the dimensions of the renaissance filigree with a novel modernist twist. Too much Victorian and Renaissance on your platter? Welcome a dash of fauvism and blend the layers of colors that spin to a chic art that evolves from the traditional form factor to newer visual. Wouldn’t that do well on any wall décor or home décor item?

Fauvist Work wear, A Spin Off Of Chiaroscuro

Solids are passé. Add vibrant hues of fauvist palette to the monochromatic, chiaroscuro workwear. Who said you can’t get serious with a dash of colors to blend with a piece of solid color? A dash of colors used tastefully in contracting colors of a single solid shade does the magic of creative and chic workwear. It creates a mood benefic and gung-ho toppling the astuteness of work with an element of chic and focus.

Fauvist Impressionism in Textures And Patterns

Fine lines, artsy textures suits your taste? Add impressionist fauvism with a use of subtle colors choosing the right pattern and fabric. This is not an idea art style for cotton, linen, or knitted fabrics. With silk, synthetic, georgettes, tulle, and chiffon this style stands out. Whether you choose embroidered pattern or prints with a blend of fauvist impressionism, picking the right fabric and pattern is essential to avoid faux pas.

Footwear And Accessories In Colors

Strappy wedges, ankle boots, boots of any style, oxfords, espadrilles, flip flops, peep toes, doctor martins; there isn’t a single type of footwear that is does not fit well with fauvist print. But, come to think about, a fauvist printed gladiator would make you look like a flamboyant warrior.

How about hats, berets, and all the fancy headgear? When using fauvist prints it is essential to balance the look with a solid color that blends well with the color palette. For instance if you do not have brown color in prints that are a blend of white, pink, yellow, for instance, avoid using brown as solid color. Use red or orange shades instead.

Fauvism Inspired Hairstyles And Makeup

Eye shadow, lip color, hair colors in creative and avant-garde style. Doesn’t look like your everyday chic in fauvist movement. So, maybe you can stick to a nice motif, texture, with colors for eyeshadow, face art, or lip color. But, Bella, that is time consuming again, unless you love spending time creating a certain look with this theme, maybe choose fauvist eyeshadow for your every day look, but be sure to carry it with panache and confidence.

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