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Shock Art And Fashion Elements That Made Noise In Your Smug Garden

Shock element in fashion and art is so anti-establishment. But then, away from the runways, there is a world waiting for novelty, not for the sake of being new, but to bring in a thought along with art. For the bourgeoise, shock element in their smug garden is incomprehensible. The era of 80’s ushered the shock element with rock music and sub genres.

“Breaking the rules” was an unheard philosophy which seems to have set the world free, but in the wrong arena. If you were to explore the art and fashion with shock value, what would your gumption be? Surrealism and shock art have taken a back seat ages ago. It is no more a design philosophy to be explored except for runways. But what if few silhouettes in your wardrobe have deconstructed cuts and blend of the most unexpected fabrics? Isn’t unpredictability that begets shock statement, interesting enough to take a peek into?

When the regular cuts have tired themselves of monotony, your everyday wardrobe can make some noise in the smug garden with deconstructed patterns that usher the shock element. Have you been wearing regular cuts even with the most uneven asymmetry? Add unusual elements that sit well together creating an awe in your everyday look.

With the mishmash of the most unexpected combo of fabrics, stitches, and patterns, create a unique look like you have made individualism a celebrated cliche. Accessories, trousers, tops, do not overdo unless you are up for walk the gait of unpredictability and show it in your clothes.

Why not add spunk and playfulness in the business arena because creating a business has been a work of art, science, math, and passion put together. Call out those straight-laced business suits that scream seriousness lacking sparkle, for it is now an era that put behind the old-school thought of how a business is to be conducted. Above the layer of astuteness lies a layer of innovation and creativity displayed aptly with deconstructed business suits.

Board rooms are not about numbers and graphs alone, are they? Now with your clothing, a better perspective, and a dare-to-dream-and-make-it-happen attitude, you usher a new ideology on how business is to be treated per se. Why not show it through business suits, Bella?

Wear your individualism through clothes, shoes, accessories that is begotten from your out-of-the-box thinking. So, when you make a plan to create your own style in shoes, bags, headgear, or any accessory you can think of, contentment is what your soul feels when you get it out of the box, literally. Heard of custom clothing, custom boots, custom accessories? That’s Vaishali Adwant’s Faporazee for you, the brand that is meant to create magic in your lives encouraging individual style.

Are you done with the yellows, red, metallic blue, in the sombre and ombre cosmos of hair styling? You are not walking the ramp, but this is your everyday style and the devout passion for individualism. An hour or yoga and an hour of hairstyling in the most stunning, shocking, awe-inspiring textures and colors. Wouldn’t that be a celebrated routine?

Making you fall in love with your life everyday because the colorful routine, is no more titled a routine, it is your prerogative to usher your happy soul in the world of endless creative use of time. Wouldn’t you spare an hour to do that with color chalk dyes or temporary dyes, and other styling condiments?

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