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Applique That Made Kitsch Look Classy

Patchwork streetwear trend is never fading. But, when it has entered the couture realm, there were motifs, patterns, oh-so-umpteen. With embroidered and embellished techniques, you can grace your abode in applique work with innovative or traditional motifs; blend it with prints, solids, or textured patterns. Did you know? Embellished applique is the kitsch that looks classy.

Bella, you though applique was all floral delight? Think again, for your imagination opens up a whole cosmos of stunning motifs away from the floral world. What is applique? In vernacular terms, it is patchwork. Bring on the abstracts, beads, laces, sequins, and make that stunning patch for your dress. Turn an old dress into a kitsch couture by adding embellished applique as you please. Any more ideas? Beyond floral patched? They are umpteen.

Reverse applique is patchwork done below the fabric using cutwork. First draw motifs onto the fabric; that is the main fabric as well as the fabric used for patchwork. Choose from umpteen stitches such as daisy stitch, chain stitch, etc. for finishing the outline. Use hand stitches or machine stitches for finishing the outline. Adorn it with rhinestones, beads, silk or metal threads, or any embellishments as you please.

Reverse applique looks great on willowy fabrics like georgette, tulle, or any of the sheer fabrics. Now, now, Bella, if your tik tok has a pace, you have all the time in your hands to create stunning beauty in reverse applique. Rule of thumb? Choose motifs and patterns suitable to your body type. Avoid large floral patches if you are obese, pick abstract textures and patterns. That’s a teeny-weeny tip from me, the rest is your imagination put to creative motifs.

Create a motif stencil on fabric of your choice like floral, animals, abstract motifs, etc. Create a reversible stencil of the same motif. Make a cut-out on the main fabric using the same motif if you want to use it as a reversible applique. You need a cut out of the motif if you want to use it as a patch on top of the fabric.

Use fusible paper in the same shape as the motif and fuse it onto the fabric by placing the fusible paper in between the main fabric and the cut-out motif. Use regular iron and iron the patchwork. Additionally, use any of the stitches to secure the applique. You can also use fabric or any adhesive to glue the applique onto the fabric, wait for it to dry and finish it with stitch of your choice.

From embellished to abstract to matter or shiny patchwork, choose a motif and design of your choice to fuse it on the inside or outside of the main fabric. Easy, isn’t it? Create couture with an embellished kitsch and turn any old silhouette into a runway-ready garment.

Turning a solid tee into a couture top with embellished patchwork, maybe just add it on the edges, bodice, or use it as an empire-line sash. Beckon your imagination from a world of motifs, Bella, and you shall never commit a fashion faux pau, because applique done right hardly goes wrong for the casual or the couture wardrobe.

Quilted fabrics only kept you warm beneath those rugs? Nada, nada, nada!!
Think again, Bella; entice your creative imagination about what you can do with raw edged applique. How about blend rawness with bows, laces, and embellished outlines? Wouldn’t that be a mesmerizing portmanteau in the world of art and fashion?

Applique in footwear and accessories gives a unique and offbeat look to the entire silhouette. With threadwork, laces, beads, and embellishments, oh-so-umpteen, walk the gaiety-gait in footwear and accessories that have tapped into a realm of applique with the most breath-taking artworks and motifs glued onto them, shoes and boots. Isn’t that the time to clap your hands and say, Viola!!

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