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Commercialisation Of Pop Art, Art Deco, And Modern Art

Why aren’t art movement inspired work yet on the rack and wardrobe of the bourgeois? What are people in the art and fashion world doing if not ushering the most brilliant art forms into the lives of hoi polloi commercializing art forms? Isn’t that our sacred goals being in the art and fashion field? To bring newness that is wearable and giving a novel thought to the world? The usher novelty in art, decor, and fashion? Isn’t it your soul calling?

Pop art, over decades has gained a good commercial value; but what about surrealism, fauvism, impressionism,, shouldn’t they find a place in the wardrobes of the bourgeois? Isn’t that what artists do? Being newness and novelty to the world of fashion and make it so wearable, the hoi polloi is ready to adapt the novelty with grace and happiness?

Bella, modern art is passe. Now is the time to get art forms in the space of bourgeois and adorn their homes and wardrobes with embellished motifs in the most stunning art forms. If you thought, surrealism or fauvist art forms belong only to the runways, think again. Here are a few tips to inculcate art forms in your personal space.

Think of art movements that appeal to your senses. Match the art sensibilities with the color scheme and decor of your home. Creative either DIY art or buy quirky or art decor that matches your personal space. This is one of the easiest ways to inculcate art forms in your personal space. Go beyond buying art pieces alone. Experiment with furniture, carpets, or other home decor elements to make your personal space unique and beautiful.

Surrealism is still struggling to find place in the living space of the hoi polloi. When modern art has already made a headway, why is surrealism and the ilk, not yet in the space of the bourgeois? If art has not been your muse until now, let this post inspire you to the world of art and the magic you can create in your life with niche art forms. Remember, they are not the privilege of art and fashion students alone? It is easy to include it in your life with these few tips.

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