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5 Types Of Boot Styles That Are A Must In Your Shoe Rack

Bella, Walk the gaiety, gait in the most awe-inspiring and oh-so-comfortable boots. Are them, boots on your shoe rack? that match almost every silhouette in your wardrobe? The workwear oxfords or ankle boots, printed rain boots to walk in the downpour in style, or the hiking boots; do you have them on your shoe rack, already? These are only a few must haves; you can’t be walking everywhere in the same footwear, do you? These are five boot styles that a must-have for various occasions, men and women.

Break the rule of having oxfords in solids, they are so 50’s. Usher in the new motifs, embellishments dallying, and raging in style gracing the abode of the oxford boots that were once only for the working class. Walk the gaiety-gait of your office oozing in awe-inspiring style that is apt for the work culture of your office and creates a different beat for you.

Prints, motifs, applique, and embellishments in subtlety make it suitable for workwear and every occasion, unless you are on a hiking spree. Don’t count on them for hiking, they are not meant for rugged terrains.

Ankle boots are quiet apparently as the name suggests, of ankle length. Choose a style in stiletto, wedges, cone heels, or flats; printed, embellished or not, they are a must as they get along well with almost every clothing and add to the style. Boots style is historic as the first boots created by man were as old as 12000 B.C.E.

Embellished in stunning filigree, applique, or rustic motifs, they are suitable footwear for men and women for every occasion because their style is compatible with most clothing. Most suitable is workwear and casuals.

Who said exploring hills, nature, exotic landscapes, or rough terrains cannot be done in style? Let go the solid blacks and browns and usher the novel motifs and patterns in hiking boots for men and women. Androgyny is never going to demode, or is it? New world, newer cultures, people, with sunshine in your heart, doesn’t it make the world a wonderful place with every hiking trip.

The smell of downpour, the sound of rain, rejoiced with nothingness brings more meaning to life. Get them rainboots to walk in still in the surround sound of beautiful rains. These rain boots are a portmanteau of art and functionality. Enjoy the mizzle or deluge stepping in style.

For everyday wear, if you are living in cold countries or during the winters stick to the pragmatic solids. Any other day, there is a cosmos of stylish knee and thigh highs to be chosen from. Embellished, denim, grunge, punk, gothic style, or the sweet prints and lacy appliques, choose your style with care as a wrong silhouette with knee and thigh high can just be a fashion faux paus.

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