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Contemporary Ethnic In Your Wardrobe

The timeline of ethnic wear has evolved over decades. Times when contemporary clothing only graced the runways, now you find them on the shelves of bourgeois. From stereotypical patterns and cuts to designs with a urban-peek in the cosmos of ethnic has been a trend that will never be demode.

Bella, turf the old kurti patterns off your shelf and usher the novelty that is wearable. Kurti or tunic now has a form and shape leaving behind the skin of old pattern with slits and placates. With patterns umpteen in the most awe-inspiring cuts, making them contemporary patterns wearable. We have evolved, haven’t we?

Gone are the days of lehengas and jhumkas. Usher in love and togetherness with contemporary bridal lehengas, sarees, and gowns. Who said embroidery can only be done in metal and silk threads? The demure embellishments away from the metallics and stones set a dulcet tone for a day celebrating love and togetherness. Isn’t true love supposed to set you free? Likewise, set yourself free from choosing the regular patterns and binge on the contemporary bridal, for you are a unique being etching a different beat and a love story that inspires the world.

Contemporary Menswear Ethnic

Do men love experimenting with clothes? Please raise your hands. Usher in asymmetrical cuts and turn the shape and pattern of a regular looking menswear ethnic. Did you know it would look stunning without embellishments? Comfortable for everyday occasion, throw in some contemporary patterns, will ya?

Contemporary Womenswear Ethnic

How about asymmetrical cuts made in brocade, jute, or silk? Choose fabrics with rustic textures, mix and match with the dulcet tulle or silk, and there, there, you have made an apt contemporary choice, bella. Let go of cotton, chiffon, and georgette, and usher in non woven knits with jute, linen, or from a variety of silk. Who said silk fits well only with traditional patterns? Blend it with linen or the rustic variety, and its a contemporary moment of Viola!

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