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Clothing Inspired From Music Genres

Music is the elixir of life and art, fashion make life beautiful. Over more than a decade clothing has been inspired from music genres. The essence, the feel, appeal, and gumption of constructing silhouettes comes from music genres. When you think about pop music, not only does the rhythm of pop or rock music comes to your mind but also the clothes and the look. You can easily relate clothes to genre of music even if you are not from the art or fashion field.

Pop and disco music have always been vibrant. So are the clothes inspired from pop and disco. They are very animated and art deco. Disco clothing is specifically art deco and comes with a niche essence. Pop could be adapted as your everyday clothing but not art deco or the shimmer of art nouveau clothing that is usually embellished and has a lot of sheen.

The adrenaline rush, trash guitars, and the riffs and strums of alternative and rock music have inspired rock tees with metal bands printed on them in angular and stylized font. The most common tee you would find is of Metallica and Def Leppard. But rock clothing goes beyond tees and denims. Bring on more dark colors because the black color is over done. Get something in pink and purple with rock prints, chains, embellishments, and motifs.

Punk Rock And Death Metal

Bring on some bondage clothing with nets and rivetted jackets with badges and safety pins in color, will ya? Though punk rock has become obsolete, death metal still rules, especially amongst the younger lot and so does the clothing. With rivetted boots and high heels rock this look and make it your everyday look by adding subtle elements and asymmetrical patterns. You can experiment a lot with punk clothing and make it wearable by adding punk elements of nets, chains, rivetted in various patterns and make it look more gracile than garish which is atypical style of punk. More grace less of trash style can make you stand out if you do it right.

If you have evolved from rock music and love the slow pace of jazz and blues, you might as well make this genre of music more stylish and go beyond trapeze hats and suits. Well groomed hair compared to the messy hair of rock style. Abstract and pop patterns with monotones or not more than two colors can make the jazz and blues look more novel than stereotypical.

They have a distinct beat and their clothes are distinct as well. Baggy pans and loose tees with prints and accessorized with jewelry is synonymous to hip hop but we can alter than a little bit and bring in more colors and less of loud jewelry and that makes it more wearable and your everyday style. Making it subtle you can wear a hip hop suit to tour office too without looking like a fish out of water and still rock this look if you have a cool office culture.

The other worlds and the magic of trance music is dulcet for the soul and puts it to a slower and unhurried pace making you understand the essence of enjoying subtleties of life. Because the magic lies between the known that we have blissfully ignored. Softer fabrics, dulcet tones, psych prints signify trance clothing. No room for vibrant colors like what you would find in the pop, rock or hip hop but certainly vibrant prints.

Clubwear is typically inspired from EDM and electronic music. Being on more shimmer and less embellishments and motifs and you have done the clubwear right. Add a few tones of jazz and blues if you please but this is not your space for rock or hip hop. Asymmetrical cuts are best avoided in this genre of music inspired clothing. The tones are even with more classical patterns in shimmer and zilch embroidered motifs, so be cautious choosing this style not to commit a faux pas.

P.S All pics used are reference images. The source of the image is mentioned in the title of the image.

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