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Novel Wearable Trouser Trends To Look Chic

The journey of trousers has evolved from solid monotony to printed and textured pants that look chic and novel. The new definition of novel is novelty that’s wearable and not just runway ready. From slim fits, flared, to cropped pants we have interesting trouser trends with some fun facts of the invention of the trouser.

Did you know? The first ever trouser was created in the 10th Century B.C in China and was made in wool. During the medieval times trouser was used as an everyday clothing in European countries. It is since then trousers were widely adapted as everyday clothing all over the world.

Get creative with pant patterns and usher in more novelty. Chinos, flares, denims, capris, cropped pants, harems, and more with creative patterns look wearable. Use prints, textures, and choose a fabric in offbeat colors to make your work day chic and interesting. Noirs and blues are passe. Ushers in pastels, or a different solid color you have never tried before and add textured patterns.

Pick from chinos, capris, flared, harems, harem chinos, textured pants, and cropped slim fits. There is a humongous variety of pants to choose from for any occasion. For semi formal occasions choose chinos, cropped pants. If you binge by the 90’s era choose flaredpants. For formal occasions, choose slim fits.

Printed pants are in vogue. Call it a trend when you choose the right print and look chic. Avoid pairing printed pants with printed shirts unless you want to make the kitsch look right. Printed everything is kitsch chic so avoid unless you can pull it off in style. Wear them to office, formal, or informal occasions as long as you have styled them with the right accessories.

Brocade pants anyone? You only thought brocade was for blouses and women dresses? Think again! Brocade trousers are a fantastic fashion trend. Pair them with solid or textured tops. Bring on some prints if you will to look boho with printed tops and brocade pants. Pants not boring anymore, are they?

Textured pants or trousers look chic on formal shirts as well. Whether you are a man or a woman, textured pants done overall or subtly look chic. Forgo the solids and let them take a vacation for a while till you have tried novel, wearable pant trends.

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