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Printed Galore In Art, Décor, And Fashion

Motifs, prints, designs; don’t they enliven the texture and appeal of a fabric? With brilliant colors and dulcet color palette gracing the fabric using various printing technique the art of pattern drafting becomes interesting. Did you know? How cautious you have to be making patterns on fabric with prints? To look for the warp and weft, grains on the fabrics, the flow of the motif and design, etc. before drafting a pattern, even if it wear a simple design?

Printing on fabric has been an age old method. Over decades different forms of printing has made textile art interesting. Creative motifs are possible with various types of digital printing, reactive printing, screen printing; but screen and block printing comes with limitations.

DTC, heat transfer, screen and block printing, reactive dyes are some of the printing mechanisms on fabric. Choosing a printed fabric with the right solid color gives a better look to any silhouette. Selecting an entire silhouette in prints gives a garish and kitschy look which might not be suitable for any body type.

Bella, decorate your home with stunning prints on furniture and home décor items. Go past the floral prints if you will and usher prints in modern art, contemporary motifs, cultural symbolism, abstract art, and more. The galore of prints is in abundance. Dally in the brilliance of color palette that suit your body type as well as home décor.

Contemporary prints could include abstract geometry, abstract motifs made in facial templates, everyday objects, automotive, nature, and more. Choose prints beyond the stereotypical motifs and bring home art in prints for clothing and home décor.

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