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Fashion And Styling For Nerds

When knowledge and wisdom looks chic, we have nerd fashion. With glasses, solids, chequered prints, ties, pleats, bows, and more you can look chic in nerd style. Love for button-down shirts with cardigans is a classic nerd style that cannot go wrong for men’s and women’s nerd style. Ponytails, buns, plaids without a tinge of hair color styling of ombre or streaks gives a clean nerd style. But then again, what if you add a bit of funk in the nerd style and make it look vibrant.

Bring on box pleats, solid colored blousons, shirts, with a pair of glasses. If you thought only glasses made a difference? Think again and add a dash of hair color to those lovely tresses, will ya? Usher in funk to the geek style and look geeky or nerdy chic with a dash of right colors and patterns. Leave beyond the solids and try abstract prints, geometric patterns paired with solid colors and you have already binged on the chic style and done it so right.

And you thought geeky style is only about fleece and tweet coats, shirts and glasses? Add some leather, messy hair to the stripped shirt and wear oxfords. You have already redefined nerd fashion ushering in novelty and class put together. Not swaying to either of the extremes, you can do a lot to experiment with nerd style for your everyday fashion and bring in more stunning elements to do the nerd style with panache.

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