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Printed Galore In Art, Décor, And Fashion

Motifs, prints, designs; don’t they enliven the texture and appeal of a fabric? With brilliant colors and dulcet color palette gracing the fabric using various printing technique the art of pattern drafting becomes interesting. Did you know? How cautious you have to be making patterns on fabric with prints? To look for the warp and …

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Commercialisation Of Pop Art, Art Deco, And Modern Art

Why aren’t art movement inspired work yet on the rack and wardrobe of the bourgeois? What are people in the art and fashion world doing if not ushering the most brilliant art forms into the lives of hoi polloi commercializing art forms? Isn’t that our sacred goals being in the art and fashion field? To …

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Avant-Garde Rococo In Your Living Space And Everyday Fashion

Avant garde and rococo are two art movements poles apart. But when we blend the principles of making art and design with avant garde and rococo in art, fashion, architecture, and home décor, we can create a marvel. Very few experiment with art movements and delve deep into it. The renaissance art can never be …

pre-raphalite in fashion and art
beauty decor Fashion Fashion Trends Lifestyle Styling

Pre-Raphalite In Art, Fashion, And Poetry

Damsel in distress flaunts her sensuality in sweetness with sinless carnal passion in burnish net and filigree, motifs of scaaharic fine artistry. Overthrowing the idea of Victorian women, digging their emotions deep for love and desire, the brotherhood of pre-raphalite opened up the sensual femininity, unlike the in-your-face punk, there is more beauty and expression …

beauty decor Fashion Fashion Trends Lifestyle Styling

The Pink Parade That Breaks The Glass Ceiling And Nurtures Life!

Warmth.. is it lacking in the board rooms of the corporate where women are still struggling to break the glass ceiling and we still call it a man’s world? Do you know numbers have emotions and so does money. Would you really get anywhere without warmth, love, sentimentality, bringing meaningful relations into your life? Yes, …