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Contemporary Ethnic In Your Wardrobe

The timeline of ethnic wear has evolved over decades. Times when contemporary clothing only graced the runways, now you find them on the shelves of bourgeois. From stereotypical patterns and cuts to designs with a urban-peek in the cosmos of ethnic has been a trend that will never be demode. Contemporary Casual Ethnic Bella, turf …

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5 Best Pocket-Friendly Styling Tips For Every Occasion

Garbed in the choicest silhouette, have you accessorized aptly for the occasion? Are you wearing accessories that suit your outfit, or are you over accessorized? Choosing the right accessories for any outfit needs some gumption and a peek into the artsy world to know you have chosen the right colors and style for your outfit. …

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5 Types Of Boot Styles That Are A Must In Your Shoe Rack

Bella, Walk the gaiety, gait in the most awe-inspiring and oh-so-comfortable boots. Are them, boots on your shoe rack? that match almost every silhouette in your wardrobe? The workwear oxfords or ankle boots, printed rain boots to walk in the downpour in style, or the hiking boots; do you have them on your shoe rack, …

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Commercialisation Of Pop Art, Art Deco, And Modern Art

Why aren’t art movement inspired work yet on the rack and wardrobe of the bourgeois? What are people in the art and fashion world doing if not ushering the most brilliant art forms into the lives of hoi polloi commercializing art forms? Isn’t that our sacred goals being in the art and fashion field? To …

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Applique That Made Kitsch Look Classy

Patchwork streetwear trend is never fading. But, when it has entered the couture realm, there were motifs, patterns, oh-so-umpteen. With embroidered and embellished techniques, you can grace your abode in applique work with innovative or traditional motifs; blend it with prints, solids, or textured patterns. Did you know? Embellished applique is the kitsch that looks …