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Clothing Inspired From Music Genres

Music is the elixir of life and art, fashion make life beautiful. Over more than a decade clothing has been inspired from music genres. The essence, the feel, appeal, and gumption of constructing silhouettes comes from music genres. When you think about pop music, not only does the rhythm of pop or rock music comes …

Fashion Fashion Trends Styling

Spring Season Styling Around The Globe

Bring on the splurge of colors bright and pastel this spring 2023 and wear the choicest silhouettes in brighter hues and pastel tones. Spring season ushers in pleasant and happy colors in red, pink, and pastels this season. So, do not shy away from blending a scarlet red with rose gold with or without shimmer. …

Fashion Fashion Trends Styling

Rustic Fashion For All Occasions

Usher in linens and cotton blends in rustic pattern that grace your abode making you look stunning. Afterall, sheer fabrics alone don’t make you look good, do they? Choose the right pattern that is apt for fabrics like linen and cotton which aren’t willowy like tulle, chiffon, or georgette. Urban Rustic In Your Shelf Fitted …

Fashion Fashion Trends Styling

Contemporary Ethnic In Your Wardrobe

The timeline of ethnic wear has evolved over decades. Times when contemporary clothing only graced the runways, now you find them on the shelves of bourgeois. From stereotypical patterns and cuts to designs with a urban-peek in the cosmos of ethnic has been a trend that will never be demode. Contemporary Casual Ethnic Bella, turf …

Fashion Fashion Trends Styling

5 Best Pocket-Friendly Styling Tips For Every Occasion

Garbed in the choicest silhouette, have you accessorized aptly for the occasion? Are you wearing accessories that suit your outfit, or are you over accessorized? Choosing the right accessories for any outfit needs some gumption and a peek into the artsy world to know you have chosen the right colors and style for your outfit. …