Dadaism Got Mainstream And There Comes Wearable Avant Garde!

Anti-establishment in art is an element for the evolved mind which has played by the rules long enough to create beauty. When beauty was done and experimented with, there comes the avant-garde, that questions the standards only to create new wave of innovation, not to offend, well, not always, but to show the other side that nobody has thought yet. Are you in the veil of clothing that sets standards set by others? Do you want to break-free and start your own cosmos of individuality? Avant-garde clothing is waiting to dress you, make you stand out, and not in a laughable way, but only to admire your guts and gumption to dare to do what your mind and heart feels to express, but with a gumption; an offbeat gumption nobody has thought about.

You might not hang a Salvador Dali in your living room, unless you are an established artist who venerates art forms and dwells in them vicariously. Would that piece go in the commercial arts section for buyers? I don’t think so, well not in the regular art section at least. You have an art form, a literary device to express your individuality without a twitch of doubt or shame with the dadaist avant-garde fashion. Random cuts? we have done that, and now its a norm. Well, talking about avant-garde, does Vi-vane West-wood ring a bell? There are celebrated designers and artists you would be proud to show-off their work in your space and abode.

Too Individualistic are we? Parade in the avant-garde

This goes beyond mix and match with an offbeat sense of color, texture, and pattern. Did your mind intuitively connect these elements and create a Viola!! Yes, now we are talking, like no other conversation we have ever had! The talking is happening in the brand new arena of the new wave fashion. And, ..your arrival was much awaited!!

Futuristic or comfort is the question

Its your taste before comfort or comfort before taste. This is again an individual choice. Would you just want to break the norms and wear it everyday?!! Too sexy? Nada…avant-garde lacks sex appeal. Its not for the minds looking for glamour and sensuality, because it has risen above all of that. It now says, blend textures, patterns, and create a portmanteau like never before.

Something for the party?

Get heads turned. Maybe not everybody is going to admire you but you sure are going have the shock value wearing in panache and style. Delight in pink, or unusual combination of colors that blend. Amuse the onlookers and get more attention and applause for wearing your mind in the avant-garde outfit. Blend suede with Georgette and the create an androgynous mix of free flowing fabrics with the masculine weaves…And this is just the beginning.

Everyday is offbeat

Is this going to be the staple diet of your clothing? Give it an edge with an artistic twist and you wouldn’t ever go wrong!! Loud! and Artistic! are the jargon words when you usher the avant-garde into your wardrobe. It sits there pretty among all regular and random, making noise that sounds like a rythmn as it adds rhythm to your complete individuality.


Art Nouveau And Baroque Style In Your Everyday Style And Decor

Happiness is beautifying home and surroundings with thoughtful pieces that rhyme to create a pleasing look. Small condo? With elements of art nouveau and baroque, the look inside your home can make a merriment looking pretty and elegant.Don’t have to splurge to get that classic, lux look for your home and wardrobe. Well, well, talking of wardrobe that is an individualistic choice to make blended with what suits the contour and body type.

Art pieces where baroque motifs play with colors and patterns elevate your esteem and give you good feelings. Isn’t feeling good the start of being inspired to create beauty, and much more.Metallic motifs of baroque with filigree satiates your senses when you are wanting an emperial look for throwaway prices. If your mind has married abstract ideologies you have humongous choice from art nouveau to make.

Delightful florals with artistic swirls inked in metallics and myriad colors are stunning to view.Feel the panache sitting pretty doing your thing, feeling inspired and happy in a well-thought decor you ushered with good taste.

Art is here to make you feel good and happy, making a dreary day or a quarantine time soothing. The sight of beautiful pieces from simple to elaborate motifs create an opulent look you can soak into with a beautiful smile.

The age of renissance introduced to the world a weath of art and literature, evermore, with no reason to fade into the shelf of demode bougoeis. But then, la-di-das, bougoeis no more with the return of roccoco, baroque, and art nouveau taking a throne in your rooms on walls, curtains, decor pieces, or clothes.

They gear you up for happiness in eternal ala mode style or a way of life? You know now, you regal you, soaking in the regalia of stunning classic pieces, making spectacular choice, because you understand the vibe they welcome into your life.

Au revoir ho-hum, knock-knock renissance, sans a chance to dance with humdrum and mundane. You are right, you are right? Maybe now the mundane is a temporary guest in the patio waiting for a carriage to go to another until baroque and art nouveau discovered. Tada!

Colors In Eyeshadows and Mascara For 2019

Dress your eyes with vibrant and glittery colours of eye shadows, if  you want to play the fashion victim trying out every trend freshly out of the ramp. These trendy, oh so artsy are not your everyday try-on colours and hues that you can wear to work. But you can look into these trends and try them on for various occasions with subtlety. For those who love the scintillating and the alluring smoky eyes, there is news for you, this is a classic that will is bound to stay in vogue. The rest is what you choose based on the contour of your skin, your personality, and occasion.

Neon And The Brighter Matte Hues

But then, you could wear that lime green shade, or any of the hues of green, blue, or orange to your work, unless they have a strict dress code, that is. These are the colours in eye shadows that are a must try. Forget the yellows and reds and pinks for a while. They are so overdone. Lime green and the green shades are a great choice for fair and medium coloured skin. Or you can ditch the eyes shadow and say ai ai to bright coloured mascara in navy or Prussian blue, plum, peach, or the ravishing red. If you are not an eye shadow person, then these colours in mascara add the spunk in your style and make you all cheery without a blush.

Bring On Some Sparkles In Golden And Metallic

Now the bling bling is a thing, not bygone but something that you must give a short span attention to if you have a party to attend in the night. For those perennially in love with the boredom of subtlety and always cornering their fun side in the cosmos of pastels and the dullness of sombre subtlety, here’s news for you, miss-goody-two-shoes, have some fun will ya. Bring out some wilderness and that wild side and put on some sparkles on those eyelids with a your ever-so-patented sombre tint for lips and blush, and viola! You have a different style for the day,….oops.,…the night.

Get Creative With the Liners And Eye Shadow Designs

You care less, don’t you? So, get creative and unleash it all unabashedly, all out on the canvas of your eyes. What are you waiting for lasse? What are you waiting for? Come one, pick that colour, that brush, and start painting your favourite motifs, colour combinations, and embellish with nicety nice or blingy blingy assortments. Rainbow colours if you please wearing a bohemian or a country style silhouette. Create some drama, and get all dramatic with all the designs and motifs on your eyes. Do this while you are young, tsk tsk, get all that crazy and creative out in the open and parade in this style without a thought and all muse inside the mind. Who you care, really? and why? you got your style, that is all is needed!Sing a long and dance to the tune of your own style.

The Classic Old Smoky Eyes With Some Variation

Smoky eyes look alluring. Whether you add a tinge of metallic or any other hue. This is the eye shadow trend that can never retire. Choose this look for a day or a night event if you are in a hurry or not. This is the simpatico and the easiest pick for eye make up that goes well with any outfit. But make sure that outfit has a bit of bling if you are donning the smoky eyes.










Nail Art For Assorted Nail Length

Pamper your nails with a manicure and give them the dance of colours and motifs. Invigorate your nails no matter the length with nail art that comes in humongous motifs, colours, and embellishments. Do not shy away if you have nails of medium length. There is nail art for lengths of all types of nails. Show off your mood and personality with the nail art and scream your personalised style to the world.

The only mantra with the nail art is -Flaunt, Flaunt, and Flaunt!!!

Set the meters of style and glamour rising after the nail art ceremony. Solid funky colours are so passe, you could do an everyday routine with them painting them bright and funky. Go beyond the solid and funky colours, beyond the sheen of the  gloss and metallic, and say Ahoy! to the motifs, textures, and embellishments that accompany nail art. Set sail the sojourn of colours, textures, and motifs that run in your imagination and unleash your creativity with a dash of oomph and dazzle the world with your taste and style.

State of Art Nail Textures For Long Nails

Want the psychedelic, bohemian, or the uniform symmetrical prints from the land of chequered-hood? Say la-di-la to those high-fashionable tea parties or a tete-ta-tete for the afternoon soiree. But before that, visit the nail saloon, choose a nice print that blends with your outfit and the occasion and do the due. Yes, diva, go get it! and not-so-quick, but at your own pace, sipping some cocktail, and enjoying the work of the artisan. Choose the print depending on the occasion and the mood. If you are feeling feminine and willowy, choose fine floral motifs with some gold lining, yes, the gold lining even if you are the uber-diva used to seeing the silver lining in everything.

Artisans at work for medium length nails

For those who think you cannot work on nails of medium length, look at the collage and see how stunning you can make your medium length nails look. Medium length speaks of people involved in practical work. They wouldn’t spend a lot of their time at the nail spas, but then, this is your chance! look what you can create on the palette of your nails and dress your nails with absolute gorgeous motifs. Long nails are impractical for most of the people. So, be the belle with a lot of panache with these artisan designs and nail art. Who said the workforce cannot ring the beat of glamour?

Sculpt Those Short Nail With Fine Art

When nails get even shorter, you pretty much have less or no time to even paint them in solid colours. But, here is the deal. You can work fine textures from the master artisans at the nail saloon. Add a dash of colours, textures, embellishments, and keep it-ugh-ugh-not subtle-but-loud. Yes!! you got that right! let the texture roar and create a traffic jam with hues and textures on those clipped nails. For obvious reasons you cannot have stiletto nail style for this  length. No a time to say alas! but celebrate! The shorter you go, the better options there are for artworks on the canvas of your pruned nails.

Every motif is nail-worthy, so nail it right to the button and choose the motif as per your outfit and forget the feature of contour and leave it on your shelf. Step out in the sun, its going to get rainy on your nails with hues and textures! You sassy girl, you!!

How To Rock It in Retro and Vintage Clothing At Every Age

Peter Pan collars, polka dots, floral prints, light weighted fabrics, and all the hues of disco, is what enlivens the retro and vintage style, individually. Letting you take a peek into the the era between 60’s and 90’s. Retro and vintage looks great on people of any age not letting you flaw or stumble upon the faux pas of style. Add colors, loud prints, and some more colors, and you know, you are letting people know that you are having a retro and vintage themed mood swing. Oh, and did you forget those large bows and corsages? They make up for the retro trip that you are onto for a the day.

Prints and colors, color me loud, and color me subtle!

If you ever thought Punjabi weddings were loud, try retro themed clothing. They bring all the joie de verve in clothing style and mood. Are you in your 50’s? and worried what to wear yet? Try the retro prints and shake a leg on the disco nights, singing karaokes. Look how the geometry meets abstract on the print of your clothes. How floral take a delight with a solid background and sits in their with an air of non-nonchalance. Leaves no elbow room for the miss-goody-two-shoes. Who wants to have fun all the way today?? Me, ahoy! in the retro prints.

Talking of vintage, we need to talk in subtle tones and prissy textures. Dainty, aren’t we? Feeling Victorian in the digital age, and still rocking it, vintage! Try not to look like the lacy doily, though, really. Bring on some velvet fabrics in mauve and add a dash of finesse with vintage laces, and cuts on the sleeves. Or use a fabric that seems like a parchment or a manuscript from the bygone era with a story to tell. I can tell you what lies in that magic spell of style that screams, VINTAGE, but, oh, so subtly.

When retro makes the noise, vintage shows a lot of poise. You can’t mix them two, else that is the style you’ll rue.

Have no regrets, and have fun rocking these prints when you are all in the mood to set it and run, with arms wide open, welcoming all and sundry, with your freewheeling you, you go girl!

Patterns and Textures, Don’t go wrong with this!!

You do not want the fashion police after you, do you? Choose textures and patterns that blend with the contour of your body. Big prints for the petite, and asymmetrical prints for the women who loves her food. Don’t go wrong with these basic rules even if you are choosing a retro or a vintage style. Talking of vintage, bring on those flare skirts, artistic prints and textures, and all things very feminine. There is more floral to vintage than there is to retro. So, know your prints and don’t swap one with another and look like an shocking medley. 

It’s all about the dress, I tell ya!

Your dress code for the retro and vintage so far has been the typical one piece, may be with a flare and some old-school cuts on the shoulder and sleeves. Would you love to walk into a room full of freshness with that wiggle dress that has an off-shoulder? Or maybe the swing or the wrap dress with or without sleeves. Feels like the lyrics of U2 band that has the song, with or without you.

You can sing these lyrics to your sleeves when you are onto the vintage or the retro dress selecting ceremony. Leave the jumper or the pencil dress, unless you are onto a slutty night, just say no these patterns and dressing styles for the retro or the vintage. A jumpsuit will still do, if you do not have to go pee, pee, and have fun for long hours. Style is good but then comfort comes in not wanting to ruin the style. So pick from these dresses, stay stylish and comfortable, in your own skin.

Shoes, forget the wedges, like seriously!

Strappy and buckled oxfords anyone? Maybe with some corsages to decor them with. Yes, try these on if you are 50 or 20 or any age at all and going into the vintage zone. You can never really get bored of polka dots. Use them on shoes if your dress is in solid color. Don’t match them both and look lost in the jungle of polka dots. If you are up to a dainty look for your feet, try the vintage shoes that come with bows and elegant motifs. One word, Splurge! one of the stunning fashion brands create vintage style like no other.