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5 Best Pocket-Friendly Styling Tips For Every Occasion

Garbed in the choicest silhouette, have you accessorized aptly for the occasion? Are you wearing accessories that suit your outfit, or are you over accessorized? Choosing the right accessories for any outfit needs some gumption and a peek into the artsy world to know you have chosen the right colors and style for your outfit. These are pocket-friendly styling tips for any occasion.

Is it summer or spring? Use lightweight accessories for casual dresses as a rule of thumb. Layer them if you love to accessorize but avoid using heavy accessories like heavy metallic, wooden bracelets, jhumkas, etc unless you are wearing typical ethnic dress that look well only with jhumkas. Choose eclectic, abstract, bohemian accessories with casual dresses or choose layered miniature pendants with thin, layered bracelets and rings.

As a rule of thumb, remember layered accessories look good on a-line dresses and loosely fitted garment. Keep the accessories minimum if you are wearing a fitted casual dress. Remember how to accessorize your dress based on the fitting of your dress.

Eclectic and bohemian accessories have become common place. But wearing them with wrong kind of outfit can be a major faux paus. Usher in the kitsch that sets your spirit free with beaded or metallic bohemian or eclectic accessories. Avoid doing it with casual clothes with regular fit. Boho prints and style is distinct and if you want to mix and match choose accessories that blend with the colors, prints, and fitting of the garment.

If you want to try eclectic and innovative accessories just choose a piece or two with asymmetrical patterns and subtle prints. Novel accessories get lost if you wear them on kitsch or boho prints. Take care of these styling tips before you choose to accessorize your outfit and are willing to experiment.

Vintage fashion is never going to be demode, just like the little black dress and all the timeless fashion outfits. Vintage is most welcome for most occasions. If you aren’t sure what to wear for formal or casual occasions, go vintage. To add novelty that makes your outfit wearable yet to stand out choose renaissance motifs and prints and dress in subtle vintage accessories.

Just like music, accessories can be classified in genres. So, follow these tips to choose the right kind of accessories for your outfits. The spunky and preppy retro and pop accessories from the 90’s only fit a few occasions. Do not over do the retro unless you are wearing a theme everyday. Retro is an occasional style and not your everyday styling option so do it with care not to look lost in the world of accessories and styling. One of the major differences between retro and vintage is retro accessories are more colorful compared to the solids of vintage.

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